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Work Permits thru DACA, Extended DACA and DAPA

Work Permit through DACA and DAPA

If you came here as a child (under 16), and you have been here since June of 2007, you may be eligible for a work permit and deferred status, which means you cannot be deported or removed from the United States as long as you are not convicted of any deportable criminal acts. Persons with two or three misdemeanors are often eligible for this program.

Immigrants working in the USA through DACA & DAPA

In 2014, President Obama announced extended DACA (Deferred Action for Childhoold Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parental Accountability), which extends the same benefits of DACA to those who have been here since January of 2010, regardless of age, and also to parents of children who are either U.S. citizens or LPRs. Call us to see if you qualify for one of these programs at (559) 734-5342.


QUESTION: Can I apply for DACA or DAPA if I have a criminal record?

ANSWER: Yes, you are allowed to have two misdemeanors for the DACA program. You are, however, not allowed to have any felonies, or serious misdemeanors.

QUESTION: Can I apply for DACA if I did not graduate from High School?

ANSWER: Yes, you can apply for DACA without a High School diploma if you register for a college class or a program that will allow you to earn a GED or equivalent. You will need proof of registration to submit with the DACA application.

QUESTION: Can I apply for DACA if I was deported or removed from the United States?

ANSWER:Yes, as long as you were not removed or deported after June 15, 2007, you may apply for DACA. For DAPA or Extended DAPA, the removal or deportation cannot have occurred after January 1, 2010.