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Family Petitions


Family petitions (I-130) are the first step, in the most common process, of becoming a legal permanent resident in the United States. The petitioner must be an immediate family member (parent, child, spouse). Depending on your circumstances, there are different processes – some are faster than others, and some require you to leave the country for interviews, while others allow you to complete the entire process here in the United States. Please call us to set up a free consultation at (559) 734-5342 so we can explain all of these options to you.

Family Petition for Married Immigrant

It is possible to become a U.S. citizen through marriage.

Important factors that determine whether your marriage will qualify you or your spouse for residency through marriage are: 1) You are still married. You may be separated, but must still be legally married 2) Each person was legally able to marry at the time of the marriage. 3) The spouse applying for residency must not be in deportation proceedings or limited by any other factor that would make them ineligible.

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